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Fee Structure

Goletit's policy is to offer a value for money full property management service based on a straight forward fee structure. As we are not VAT registered no additional 20% premium is applied to the under noted fees. The following fees are effective from the 1 May 2019.

Full Letting and Management service
(Non HMO property)
5% Introductory Management Fee for new clients for the first 3 months with our normal management fee of 9.8% applying thereafter.
Full Letting and Management service
(HMO property)
145 pcm
Initial Property Take On Fee 195
Tenancy Changeover Fee involving new tenant(s) moving into the property. 195
Tenancy Changeover Fee involving tenant moving out and only original tenants remaining. 95
Issuing Tenants with legal Notice of Rent Increase and arranging new lease contract. 45
Gas and Electrical Safety Certification 35
Fire Extinguisher Servicing 35
Arranging Energy Performance Certificates 35
Providing access for new appliances or new or replacement inventory furniture delivery. 35
Property Inspections No charge
Edinburgh Council Property Inspections 35
Annual Fiscal Statements
(Will be provided in April/May each year to cover the last 12 months Tax Year to the 5 April)
Dealing with owner requests for property valuations. 35
Dealing with Formal Termination Notices through Sheriff Officers where owner requesting return of property. 75 plus Sheriff Officers Fees.
Rent Arrears Goletit would do everything possible to recover rent arrears should these arise. If it is decided to seek legal action any legal fees incurred would have to be instructed and met by the owner.  
Upgrades, refurbishment, HMO compliance 10% of the Total Cost of the project.